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  • Esteem Medical Spa is just a better place to get laser hair removal.  I had 10 or 12 sessions of laser hair removal at Ideal Image.  It wasn’t cheap, there was no doctor there, and in the middle of my treatment they changed their policies that ended up costing me even more that what I had expected. Eventually, after being so disappointed, I tried again and went to Esteem.  What a difference.  After 3 sessions I saw a 90% reduction in hair.  Esteem is just better, safer, quicker and less expensive.  I wouldn’t go anyplace else.
    Terry S.
  • I would highly recommend this place for laser hair removal!  As an esthetician I called every med spa and ideal image to price out getting my bikini and under arms done.  Esteem was by far the most professional, reasonably priced, their medical esthetician had the most experience and they had the best laser.  Esteem had a special so I ended up getting my underarms for free!  Tiffany did a great job with the consultation, and after one visit I am almost hair free!  I do not know why I waited so long!  I am now getting my legs and full brazilian.  Everything from booking the consultation to checking out was first class.  I experienced the complete opposite when I called other reputable medi spas...I heard everything from  "our laser is broken, and we're not sure when the guy can come out and fix it"... "I am not sure how long our esthetician has been doing laser hair removal and where she got trained."  Eek.  I have my second visit next week and can't wait!
    Marie B.
  • I have been a patient of Dr. Glass for the past year and a half, as well as a regular client of both the spa and salon. This spa/salon and those who work there are truly exceptional. I give them 5 stars for customer service, professionalism, follow-thru, punctuality, and price. I followed my stylist, Debbie Richardson, from another salon. I was so impressed with the quality of this salon, that I started inquiring about other services available. It was at that time, that I met with Dr. Michael Glass. I had been interviewing plastic surgeons in Reno, as well as San Francisco, and Southern California for the past several years, in an attempt to find someone who wasn't too busy, or too impressed with themselves to perform some minor facial procedures. Dr. Glass took the time to spend with me, carefully listening to my complaints, and explaining in great detail the various procedures that he recommended. He educated me on Botox, fillers, lasers, and other treatments such as silk peels, what these were, how they worked, and what kind of results I could expect from them. I am a Breast Cancer survivor, and have had numerous reconstruction surgeries over the years. So I am very well acquainted with the plastic surgery industry. I have had much experience with doctors who barely have the time of day for their patients, and make you sit in the waiting room while they run 1 to 2 hours behind your scheduled appointment time. This is not a medical field that is prone to unexpected emergencies....plastic surgery procedures tend to be scheduled. So it is very frustrating to have to sit and wait for your appointment, and then be rushed through without feeling as if the doctor cares at all. Dr. Glass is truly the exception. He has not been jaded by years of working in the plastic surgery industry, nor is he overly impressed with himself, as others in this business tend to be. He has been an Anesthesiologist for the past 40 years, a field that deals with life and death. He therefore, comes to this business being an especially compassionate, caring and kind doctor and human being. He is a "hand-holder", a quality that I especially need and like, due to my having experienced years of pain, in and out of the OR. His wife, Paula, owns and runs the salon. She has a background in nursing. Talk about a 'pair'! She assisted her husband in a Botox procedure he performed on me for migraine headaches. The two work very well together, and she is just as nice as he is. I have had many small businesses over the years, and the one thing I notice about other small businesses, is that 'service' comes from 'the top, down', in terms of how employees relate to customers. It is because of Michael and Paula Glass, who bring to their business their compassion, expertise and professionalism, that all of their employees act in the same way. One of the most important considerations for me in having a facial laser procedure is the amount of pain involved. Every single doctor I have met with, ONLY uses a numbing cream on the face before performing a laser procedure, which does very little in terms of pain control. Dr. Glass, however, uses facial blocks, a procedure in which he numbs the face completely. This is where his years of experience and expertise in the field of anesthesiology comes in handy....he KNOWS the business of pain control! I HIGHLY recommend this spa/salon. I feel as if I am an expert in judging medical offices as well, and this one is truly exceptional.
    Dori M.
  • The people at Esteem are superb!!! They know how to get results and exceed expectations!! They are worth every cent and more! I feel like I've started a new chapter in my life and it's all due to them! I would strongly recommend them to anyone I know. Not only did they help me look better on the outside, but helped me feel better about myself on the inside. They have really saved my life in so many ways and I can't thank them enough. I love the results and the new me!
    Dana D
  • I’ve had issues with ingrown hairs for as long as I can remember. I’m half way through my treatments with the high speed hair removal and the difference I see is amazing! I've had such good results. I’ll probably get my underarms and legs done next.
    Sarah C.


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